ETS Drift Ute – HPA Day 2


Before I head out to the shed for day three I want to recap on day 2.


Yesterday I woke up with some clear goals, day 1 was productive and the plan was laid out for the week.


Andre was working incredibly quick and the body loom was taking shape, he wired the headlights, indicators, fans, taillights, fuel pump and battery. It was my job to weld on the earth points and i used M6 weld nuts to do so. I spent a fair bit of time screwing down the little plastic zip tie loom holders onto the


I wasnt happy with how the fans mounted to the radiator so I got creative.


I reworked them and mounted them with a 15mm air gap against the radiator using M4 screws to secure it all.


The screws are stainless button head and I have been buying a heap of them lately.


Another job I wanted to do was to get water in the coolant system. Its the second last fluid I need to add and a defining moment for the build. There was a small leak in one of the welds but I quickly TIGged it up.

Before I leave for the garage I will leave you with this sweet little edit Ben threw together for us.

Day 2 – Engineered to Slide x High Performance Academy – Wiring from High Performance Academy on Vimeo.


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