ETS Drift Ute – Another night closer


So after working out that the last adapter plate didnt work with the RB25 Gearbox i reverted back to my own adapter plate and fitted a Z32 bellhousing to the RB25 gearbox. That was 2 nights ago and it was a very long night, last night things went a lot smoother and everything fitted up like clockwork.


This clutch was one of the hardest ive ever had to align, i was suprised it didnt come with an alignment tool and your probably even more surprised i dont own one. Lucky i had the Z32 gearbox i stole the bellhousing of still disassembled on the floor.


I slid the input shaft into it and tightened up the bolts. Its a nice clutch but im also very surprised at the lack of meat on the clutch friction plates, i hope they last a long time my previous OS Giken and Ogura clutches.


After this shot i bolted the gearbox up, lifted it in the air and drilled two more mounting holes in the base and fitted the clutch line which has a quick release dry break fitting for eas of removal and no re-bleeding when removing the motor and box.

  1. Nigel this sounds really ghetto I have done this many a times and have never damage anything . A mate showed me it , get a tube socket bit smaller than the spline , wrap the necessary amount of tape to close up the gap and wallah done

  2. this might be a silly question but in the top photo it looks like the turbo is welded to the exhaust manifold? any reasons for that?


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