Header/ Swirl/ Fill point – Coolant tank


After a lot of thought and a few rough drawings i came up with this coolant swirl pot, its used as a high point in the system to bleed all the air out of the water and make life a little easier when it comes time to fill the SR20s water galleries with coolant, its just tacked together at this stage and im trying to muster up enough courage to weld it, i get pretty nervous when it comes to welding important pieces like this.


Im glad that this is nearly done as its one of those missing pieces that i have put a lot of thought into.

  1. tacks look proper, your AC TIG has been looking pretty decent so give it a go! 😉

  2. you could swear that it was made by a machine…. PERFECTION… as usual Nig… looking forward to seeing the walk around video when she’s running…!

  3. Shapen your tungsten as you would with stainless and give it a try. It will eventually ball up again but it will concentrate the heat more and be easier for you to weld.
    Awesome build.
    Cheers, Mick


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