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Coil Bracket Render

There’s been a big shift in my thinking lately with the knowledge acquired of a few important people in the tuning industry.

My friend Martyn and i have been brainstorming and designing a new electrical system for SR20s, with the knowledge gained from doing the HP Academy offered by STM i started thinking about SR20s and the shortfalls these motors have when it comes to a few key areas with power production and electrical components.


Starting at the top was the coils, whats on the market that provides the best spark for the right price without going to CDI? The answer came from the High Energy Single Inductive Ignition Coil with Igniter. Each ignition coil features a built-in IGBT igniter with external heat sink. This allows the ECU to trigger these coils directly without the need for a separate external igniter. This saves cost, reduces complexity and increases reliability.

So we have the right coil for the job but how do we make it a neat fit onto an SR20 engine? The solution is billet alloy bracket that will mount onto the rocker cover of any SR20DET engine (NA guys need to either source a DET rocker cover or drill and tap the holes into theirs)


The next step is to make some leads and loom, but dont fear as we are working on a complete package that combines all of this. Not only will this coil solution be adapted to the Hilux it will also be used in all my builds, the expense of factory coils or upgraded items such as Splitfire still need an igniter and fairly complex wiring to operate at moderate spark levels, this is a simple way to get a quality ignition system.


You may also notice a slight change in the way all my projects are managed, thats because i have been forever converted to Link ECU, gone is the multi brand ECUs in all my projects and replaced with just one companies product, after years of wondering what the best ECU is for the right price Link have trumped all others and i am now happy to offer these to you, not only that but the entire electrical system will be offered to you aswell, basically a super simple yet sophisticated electrical make over that uses the latest technology and the neatest solutions to nearly all SR20 issues.

This is only the tip of the electrical make over for SR20s, we have plans and solutions in the works to replace every factory Nissan sensor on all my SR20 engines to simplify and modernize the entire engine electrical system and then offering it to you.

Ill be doing a series of these electrical posts as we get ready for Andre and Ben to arrive in Australia and start the wiring and tuning process on the Hilux.

Big thanks to Martyn for his help on these projects.

  1. omg awesome!!!

  2. Have you looked into megasquirt for engine control? $1600 seems a bit steep for pretty much the same thing.

    • we tune every thing and there is a reason mega squirt is cheaper… plain and simple.

  3. Cool idea Nigel but wouldnt you need to countersink the actual rectangular billet piece a little deeper than the area where the coils would be mounted just to make the cover sit flush with the valve cover and then have the side of it go up higher and clear the part of the valve cover that says twin cam 16 valve?

  4. Awesome, really looking forward to more of this build! I’ve wanted to build an NA car of some kind for smaller circuit work. Big turbo motors are fun but I miss revs and light weight builds like in the AE86 hey-day.

  5. Let me know when u have all these sensors worked out with the link I want to go Link ecu and maybe those coils also


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