Diff Chat – 2 way from Tomei


Ok so its fair to say the R200 Nissan shortnose diff is the popular choice in my garage, it propels practically everything i own.


At TopGear Festival i tore the teeth off the pinion gear and this is the second time i have done it in three years, the reason? Well im not too sure but it might have something to do with my rush shimming job that i did when i broke it last time. The center in this diff is a Nismo GT Pro LSD.


So i picked up another diff off my friend Justin, this one has a Tomei 2 Way (2 way means it locks under forward and reverse motion) its a Technical Trax clutch pack type and im looking forward to trying it out.


Some say i should go to a GTR diff, driveshaft and hub combo for extra strength but i dont see the point if im never really breaking axles and never running a larger tyre than a 235. Maybe later on down the track if i decide to run more power and bigger tyres i will think about it.


So this Tomei diff will go into the RPS13, the Nismo GT Pro LSD that is currently in it will be rebuilt into another diff casing and used as a spare and kept in the trailer should anything happen and i need to swap diffs in any car i run.


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