The Hilux – A few bits


There are so many little jobs that need doing, it seems like i knock over an entire list and then write another list. Above is the power steering reservoir, the AN8 fitting is the pump feed and it has a copper line that runs to the bottom of the tank. Once its plumbed ill run the pump with a drill to make sure it can draw up the tube.


I have fitted a couple of 4 rib belts to get the sizes, luckily they are on the shelf and available everywhere, i will mod the water pump pulley and crank pulley to allow me to run the 4 rib belts. I took the front off the crank balancer as it wasnt needed and then sandblasted it raw.


I have finished plumbing the brake and clutch lines, i used bulkhead fittings that run though the firewall.


From the inside.


The base on the handbrake i was going to weld directly to the floor, i thought i better make a bolt on plate so that i can make changes down the track.

Now to pull the motor out again and tick of another list of jobs.

  1. cool using connectors to run the lines through the bulkhead… most would just rubber grommet… this is much neater..!

  2. Nigel, what size master cylinder will you be using for your hydro handbrake? Great work as usual.


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