Learn To Tune – An STM Innitiative


Lets rewind 2 years for a second……. i started this Hilux project with the intention of welding a Hilux cab on an S15 chassis, using all factory parts and mig welding the two together. Fast forward two years and i have learnt an amazing amount, we all have the DIY instinct inside us (i mean Bunnings wouldnt exsist if we didnt) so when it comes to the point of making a car run and extract reliable power from it why cant we also learn to do it ourselves?

I take this opportunity to announce that Andre and Ben at STM NZ have taken me under their wing and lent that helping hand in the finishing stages of the Hilux build.


The guys from STM are going to join the dots with state of the art Mill Spec connections (because at this stage only the best will do) once the Hilux fires into life they will also help me tune the car, thats right i get to finish it off and sit in the hot seat on the dyno.

HPA Academy is STMs innitiative and helps those who are intested in learning the craft of tuning, taken from the website “The High Performance Academy delivers high quality EFI tuning lessons via online video. Until now, learning how to tune EFI has required countless hours of research, trying to sort fact from fiction and potentially risking damage to your expensive motor”

I think my brains going to explode with all this knowledge but please take a look at what HPA and STM can do for you by checking out the following links.

STM on Facebook

HPA on Facebook

HPA Website

STM website

Thanks again to the STM team for making the car community a smarter place.