ETS Drift Ute – Charging along


My Mini Denso Alternator arrived at my doorstep the other day, i was happy to see it as ive been stressing about where its going to go.


Because my PS pump (factory SR20 type) sits on the drivers side and there really isnt much room anywhere else, i looked into 16V total loss systems but decided i need an alternator, it has to go under the turbo or nothing. So i made up an alloy bracket and rose joint 1/2″ UNF LH RH adjuster and some spacers and it looks good, of course i need to make new pulleys for everything but at least everything is mounted.


I need about 300psi for my airjacks so i priced a BOC regulator, after getting a quote of $730 from my local shop i quickly went elsewhere, after a hot tip from my mate (a refrigeration mechanic) i went to a refrigeration shop and picked this one up for less than half the price. it will give me over 800psi if i ever need to jackhammer my garage floor….


I was happy to see a package from Jesse Streeter arrive, these are two spare Driftmasters that are identical to the ones on my ute, i spend a lot of time on Yahoo auctions and i stumbled apon these, they hardly ever come up and havnt been made since about 2003 so they are fairly rare.


Its a waiting game now, i have ordered every single fitting and part to get this mechanically ready, in a few weeks time we should be getting pretty close!

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  1. Looks epic as usual, cant wait for the next few weeks..


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