PS13 – That escalated quickly

Tonight i focused on mounting the steering rack, heres what i came up with.

After toying with the idea of a chromoly blade adjustable swaybar i said to myself “enough is enough” so im retaining the factory type swaybar for now. My Caster support brackets are tacked up and everything is looking good.

I really didnt plan the crossmember to work out how it has, im happy with it but it does seem a little complex for the job its doing. With raised LCA mounts, raised caster mounts, 2 way adjustable steering rack im pretty happy with the results. Its all much lighter than the factory unit and once my Rose Joints arrive ill make the control arms just like the Hiluxs adjustable Chromoly items, more on that later.

  1. All this chromoly Nigel, are you heat treating it after fabrication or just seeing how it goes?

    • Theres no chromoly here, i use hardly any chromoly as i want everything to last a lifetime


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