PS13 – SR Powers

Things are really taking shape on the NA build, lets take a closer look!

Firstly thanks to Erin and the crew at JDM Garage in Brisbane for their help with sourcing a motor. After a good clean i have started refitted everything needed to get it working.

At this stage i wont be running an oil cooler so i retained the factory oil block, i can monitor oil temp, pressure and theres a factory type “switch” that is connected to my Motec warning light mounted inside. Other details here are my block off plates to delete any water flow that runs to the factory heater core, its not needed and my 180SX has stayed cool without it so i figure its not needed.

So my plan goes like this……

– Get this setup running solely for the purpose of doing the crossmember, inlet and exhaust.

– With all that working then ill be starting to prep another engine, i talked to a friend that knows a lot about NA race cars. He has setup and engine dyno and has everything to tune SR20s on the bench, so with that said i plan on building a 12.5:1 block, CNC ported head (yes hes done a few before so the programs ready to use) pick up a pair of Tomei pro cams with 12.5mm lift, adjustable gears, then tune it all with a Motec on the engine dyno. By then i should be able to drive the car on the road with classic reg.

So for now i am looking forward to finishing off the crossmember, getting the exhaust underway and firing it into life!

  1. Any chance of a high comp 20vet head combo? ?

    • Probably not, sounds expensive to me and not really worth the $$, i love NA but theres no point sinking huge $$ into one for the last few HP

      • I know exactly what you mean Nigel. I’ve got a RB25DE and in order to make close to the power from RB25DET I would have to spend thousands.

  2. So why arnt you going to use a VE head?

    • Because this motor was FREE, you have to understand im doing everything on a budget, VE head would cost me thousands for little HP gain.

  3. Love the work Nigel … sure you’re learning this all on the go, but you sure have a hell of an aptitude for spinning the tools! My only gripe is that I can’t watch you work your magic! haha

    Keep it up!

  4. any reason you dont do a sr20ve head?

    • Because $$$ this is a free motor and doing a VE head would have cost big $$ that i dont have


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