Fuji Speedway – In pit lane

With perfect weather at Fuji Speedway lets take a walk through the staging lanes heading out onto the main circuit.

I think the 32GTR could almost be called a classic nowadays. With the R35 truely changing everything the 32GTR had in common with its younger bothers, it seems to have its own unique style and charisma about it.

They are still as popular as ever and will be forever, its a good thing they are 4wd or all the drifters would have driven them to extinction.

This S2000 lined in the pit bay, theres something about the amazingly clean FSW pit bays that makes the cars look even better.

The pace car is of course a 35GTR

I saw only a handfull of this generation Hilux while in Japan, i can only imagine having my Hilux lined up in the pits at Fuji speedway, its probably something that will never happen but i can dream.

Kei cars can be cool too right? 660cc means registration is a lot cheaper in Japan and they are very popular.

Please excuse my lack of knowledge but i have no idea what this is, some kind of Sunny im guessing?

33GTRs can be a hit and miss when it comes to styling, but when TE37s are added you cant go wrong.

Rewind a model and remove some weight from those TE37s by switching to SLs and here it is.

Just look at the backdrop will you? The hillside thet FSW is built on makes it the most beautiful racetrack i have been to in my life, well almost equal to Nikko on sunset 😉

Aero aids of the carbon variety

Ahhhh black and bronze <3

Or white on black? Also <3

This FD was laying down some pretty amazing laps, it seemed to outbrake a lot of other cars into the first corner, the driver seemed pretty intune with the car.

Some Euro flavor on some of Rays less popular wheels

What a menacing front view.

With aftermarket additions to the body enhancing its downforce id love to see what was done to the engine.

Call me crazy but i have never been a fan of polished lips on TE37s, i know the SL isnt really polished its more of a clear shadow finish but it just dosnt suit the rim IMO

Hauling around all that extra weight is this R35GTR, for a heavy car they are amazingly fast and you see a lot on the streets of Japan, they always seem to impress me.

Its good to see a lot of Aero changes on some of the R35s aswell. They are getting out of that “its too expensive to mod” mode right now.

The R34 waiting in the crisp Autumn air.

Not a bad line up for a regular saturday at FSW

Just airing out the groceries in the boot.

Another FD doing battle with the clock.

You have to admire the “running rich” paint job.

Ahhh red 34GTR is amazing on white TE37s, a colour combo that will never get old.

Crazy T51R equipped carbon supra, most of that carbon seemed to be 3m but it was cool regardless.

Some cars you dont see at track days all that often, this is one of them.

The VIP support vehicle from Lexus

Two hondas in white, one less fortunate than the other

I loved this little swift, these are actually pretty fun cars to drive.

It was good to see a 180SX doing grip driving.

It was a simple street car with only light changes done to it, would be a fun car to drive though.

I will finish this post with another FD, this one styled to perfection, such a classy car!

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  1. The white car is a Nissan/datsun cherry only 10 or so made it to Australia to my knowledge. Wombat racing has a few and me and some mates scraped one a few years back. For C110 skyline people like me the cherrys offer a nice tail light option 🙂


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