Trailer Build – Its getting there

In between everything else ive been slowly progressing on the trailer, i kind of have to seeing as i sold my old one….

All the air lines are now plumbed, i made this little alloy “balance” block with 5 1/8 NPT tapped holes and a gauge to check pressures, i have been putting some thought into the tyre rack/ front frame and i think im going to get a canvas cover made for it, it will be light and easily accessible

So whats left to do? I still have to make ramps, tie down points, paint it, then its basically done.

  1. Love the progress mate! Very inspiring 😀

  2. Hey man i’m pretty sure if you run a manifold like this with out individual solinoids or shut off valves for each bag the air will just run away to the bag with the least resistance, when one side is all loaded up with weight the air will just back track through the manifold to the other side basically making the air spring obsolete, have seen a mini turck using two solinoids linking the bags instead of 4 and the back just flopped all over the place like it had no springs.
    just a thought, I hav’nt read through all your other trailer build post’s so you may have covered what your doing there.

  3. so what are you doing about a winch?

  4. how are you getting rego for this?
    i live in NSW and they have crakced down so hard on home made trailers it is near impossible to find someone willing to sign off on it being safe.

    a few years ago i bought all the suspension and brakes to build my own car trailer but then everyone i spoke to basically talked me out of doing it.

    • Its already registered, sold my old trailer unregistered if you know what i mean.

  5. i was under the impression that drop axels are illegal also… might be fine in your state though…

    • Drop axles are fine, my trailers already registered too which saves me the hassles

  6. You can come over to the US When you’re done and build us a few.


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