From Above – Engine Bay

Starting to prepare for the plumbing and wiring side of the build, its not the part i look forward to.

  1. What piping are you gonna use stainless or ally? I’ve used stainless and its has a higher polish and Easyer to clean.

  2. man, so much work been put into this thing!
    I own a hilux and would love to do this to it!

  3. This project is an absolute inspiration! I’ve been considering switching my efforts from the turbo Honda game to a RWD platform (also turbocharged lol) but I’m becoming disheartened with the lack of affordable old school Japanese iron out there. This project opened my eyes to another avanue. Do you recommend any particular literature on fabrication and/or metal work that may have helped you along on your journey? Either way thank you for building some thing so incredible and making your dream a reality!

    • Thanks Dylan, its not easy but you just have to get in and give it a go, over time your skills will improve


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