ETS Hilux – Waiting Game

Ive said it many times before but im glad im not in a hurry to get this done, some parts just seem to take forever to arrive, there hasnt been a whole lot i can do in the meantime so ill show you whats been happening.

The guards i have widened 60mm are starting to take shape, theres still a lot more work to do.

I sat the throttles for the 13 in the engine bay and dreamt about the scream of a 20B PP NA pumping out the rear of this!

These two boxs arrived…….. PWR had turned my drawings into reality

Im really happy with the quality of the coolers, so now its time to build a frame and ducting to hold them, yes! something to do. Till next time!

  1. Wow, those coolers look amazing. Looking forward to seeing them in the engine bay.. Keep up the incredible work 🙂

  2. Beautiful! My excitement build with every one of your posts! Keep it up man, can’t wait to see how things keep coming together.

  3. PWR do to work, I’ve used them in my 180sx…very expensive radiator but quality is 2nd to none!
    Keep up the awesome work mate.

  4. coolers look the part , and the hilux is coming along.

    im loving the idea of n/a big port rotor , firing out the rear tho 😉

    keep up the quality work


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