ETS Trailer Build – Update Time

When you think about building a trailer its like, “oh yea a trailer, thats pretty simple” well im here to tell you it isnt, whats made it more difficult is i dont have drawings or measurements to work from. Its the same story with the Hilux, learn as you go along.

I mean how can you draw something if you havnt built one before? Its probably the main reason some people never do what they want to do, you have to throw yourself in the deep end to see how well you can swim.

If i had my time again (and theres no doubt that this will be my last trailer) i would do things a whole lot easier and neater.

But i am very happy with how this is coming along and i hope im only a few weeks away from a test tow around the block.

  1. Pretty nice for your first attempt. I would cover the tyres like those future cars to look neater and more aerodynamic? But the wheels look nuts.

  2. you know you’re doing it right when even your trailer has te37’s sitting nicely in the wheelwells.

    • they arent TE37’s

  3. for future projects, i think you’ll find drawing it first will surface dilemmas before you are in the deep end, particularly the detail. that way you can put more thought in, and changing your design doesn’t mean getting out the grinder.

    you seem to manage without the drawings, you must be able to picture the finished product really well in your head!
    but i think in the long run drawings will save you time and money.

  4. how you fabricated the fenders, I am Brazilian and I follow your work congratulations to hilux was pretty cool, thanks.

  5. What sort of things would you do different and neater. It seems very well planned and executed already.

  6. hey nigel, did you end up bailing on the idea of the removable tyre/nitrogen/air rack on the front of the trailer? looks like you have a fixed rack setup goin there? or it that only like a nose cone structure?

  7. I would love a diagram with measurements on it. I would love too make a trailer like this!


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