ETS Trailer Build – Sheetmetal edition

Last week i decided to get back into the trailer build, a quick trip to Ebay and i had the guards, lights, hitch and winch all on there way to me in the post.

I made up a nice hitch attachment thats all internally braced and super strong. These hitches are like $60 including the master, so cheap.

I really wanted the US style rolled guards, these were just over $250 a pair delivered and look great, the axle spread is 750mm.

I drew up the running boards and had metalland fold them up for me, they are 1.2mm thick and look great with the 100mm x 100mm LED taillights incorperated in.

The wheels are only temporary, on it are 17×8.5+3 and the wheels i have ordered are 17×8 +15 so they will sit perfectly in the guards, the trailer will drop another 75mm once the new wheels are on and all the airs out of the air bags.

Im looking forward to finishing everything off in the next few weeks and taking it for a tow somewhere 🙂

  1. With the sides that high can you still open the doors?

  2. Very nice.

  3. Pardon my ignorance if i missed it….but what capacity will it be rated to once it’s all done and registered?

  4. Hey Nigel!

    Looks great man, i was wondering what rims those were? they look great on the 180 ad hilux and trailer!

    Keep up the great work.

  5. Can you supply us with a link to that braking hitch unit? The trailer as a whole absolutely beautiful, good work NIgel!

  6. Great looking trailer Nigel!
    I think the trailer’s height looks dope the way it is (with those rims on it)…..
    Dropping it 75mm more, and you’ll drag everywhere….hahaha…..

  7. That is an awesome trailer can i ask how your doing the airbags are you doing a basic system with manual fill valves on each bag or an electric controlled system

  8. Hello the trailer looks amazing im looking into building one myself since gettin my car on and off a normal trailer is a pain in the ass!!
    any chance i could get some specs on the material used like the frame rails and such!! thanks alot love your work man

  9. hi i was wondering where you got that robust looking hicth coupler from? and also will you have an issue when your ready to go into reverse

  10. What the man above said 🙂


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