ETS Drift Ute – Tunnel done

After a lot of welding i can finally say that the tunnel is done, all the panels that screw in the gaps are all done and ready for the shifter/switches ect to be fitted.

The handbrake is sitting in position and ive made up an 8mm steel rod that actuates the rear firewall mounted master cylinder.

Its time to start the refit and think about brakes!

  1. is the rod for the h/brake gunna get braced or run through something it just seems a bit long and will flex with the pressure

    • Not if its pulling – which by the look of it, it is…..

  2. i hope u got space for a cup holder 😛 …hahaha nice work nigel, this is just insane….

  3. Looks cozy. Keep it up man, been anxiously waiting to finally see this hit the track.

  4. @finlay no it looks to be pushing the master cyl

  5. do you just use low carbon steel tube and sheet ? or something a little more special, and what finish is the steel you use ? this is an amazing build, keep up the good work, your an insperation to us all.


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