ETS Drift Ute – Sheetmetal Throttle

This is the fourth accelerator i have made now, unhappy with everything else ki have done i thought i would spend some quality hours building something i will be happy with.

Its lightweight, super strong and mounts to the Wilwood pedal box with ease, that was the one thing i wanted to achieve, i want just the 4 pedal box bolts to remove the entire pedal set, when the motors back i will make up a cable.

  1. you need a like button on these pages, these small details make this project so awesome and inspiring!

  2. Pedal look great Nigel, your work is always top notch! Just a quick question, why’d you go with top swing instead of foor mount like you did in the S13? Didnt like the floor mount or just wanted to try something different? Also what size master cyclinders did you go with in the S13? Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks mate, i had trouble with floor space in this layout, i love the floor mount but because the cab is so small i need the pedals up against the wheel, the floor mount would have sat too far forward for my legs. Cant remember the master size, i think 5/8 rear 3/4 front and 3/4 clutch, dont quote me on that though


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