ETS Drift Ute – Quick Snap

I always take a photo before heading inside because i always update my desktop with the most recent build pics, here is what i saw before i left the garage, the rear under tray and floor section is all done i have washed the chassis down with thinners and now its time to start refitting everything.

  1. i love it 🙂

  2. Damn!
    I love this build, I have learnt so much from this. My brother thinks he has seen everything and is not impressed by anything, but then showed him this site.
    Lost for words and totally blown away.
    Can’t wait to see it sideways.

  3. Have you thought about clear powder coating the frame over automotive clear coating the frame? The clear powder coat should hold up much better to raw metal. Also the heat from the bake cycle for the powder coat may be high enough to relieve the heat stress in the chromoly. I am no metallurgist so I do not know temps for stress relieving chromoly but something tells me you probably do. There is nothing saying you even have a powder coater around that can do something this large. Just tossing ideas. Keep at it, looks phenomenal.


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