ETS Drift Ute – Complete Front

Are you getting excited yet? Its less than 48 hours away from seeing the finished chassis/body in one of the most epic posts in ETS history. To tell you the truth i am absolutely drained, for the last month i have had an A4 lists of jobs to do every single day, when i leave work i write on the back of my hand the things i need to buy to keep the progress going into the long cold night. Its been a personal challenge to see how far i can get the Hilux before its display at World Time Attack at Eastern Creek. To make matters worse i am also drifting my 180SX in the Tectaloy drift challenge, going up against the worlds best drivers is something you have to prepare for, both mind and machine have to be ready, more on that later.

Last night i got home from work, tired and not feeling the best i deciding to just press on, my aim was to remove all the zip ties that were holing the entire front end on and replace them with steel tabs, after a couple of hours the front end was looking fairly complete, the next challenge was the headlights, i designed and made up some nice little hooks that welded to the original headlight cups, this alloys the headlights to be easily removed and easily adjusted while being held super strong onto the front end tube work.

My Wiggins style clamps arrived (a copy called Pegasus) and i am really happy with the quality, these have a surprising amount of movement available and will work nicely, also takes the engines bays appearance to the next level and makes the build look that little more expensive.

So that pretty much finishes off this stage of the build, this last month has been pretty crazy, the late nights, early mornings, neglected girlfriend and those little things in life that i have missed, i am looking forward to unloading this out of the trailer next Sunday into a clean garage, sliding a car cover over it and just sleeping in for once.

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  1. Looks gorgeous. and with the hood closed you can barely tell anything had been done, apart from the cage you can see in the read haha.

  2. Your work is amazing. I am always excited to read up on your newly posted Facebook updates and I can not even wrap my head around the amount of quality you put into your builds. Well done.

    Your work is truly amazing

  3. Your build is absolutely amazing, and very inspiring. Can’t wait to see it finished in a couple days.

  4. Super excited man!! Have been waiting for the unveiling since day dot and checking back every day!!

  5. Wow, looks so good with the body over it!

  6. i keep trying to look around the picture to see the back half! haha so wish i was seeing this on the weekend, when its finished ill be wherever i have to be to see this thing in the flesh! amazing work as usual!

  7. Your skill and effort is amazing!

  8. this car is amazing the progress its made since i saw it last year is incredable good work nigel

  9. Hey Nigel!

    Im a super long time reader and watcher, love your work its amazing! inspiring as well! i’m absolutely thrilled for the completion of the hilux. cant wait to see it.


  10. USE A SR5 FRONT END!!!!

  11. Copied Wiggins Clamp? Pegasus? Sorry Nigel, not to knock on your work, but to skimp on those clamp and put those Chinese knock off parts on……I don’t know what to say.
    I purchased myself lots of Wiggins Clamp for my project (yes, they’re expensive but worth every pennies). With that came the peace of mind that they won’t fail because they’ve been tested up to 125psi.
    Your Pegasus clamps, while very similar to the original…..were they even tested? What are you gonna do if they blow? You dumped tons of money into your engine, don’t cut corners!

  12. How bout a few shots that shows the front and the side so we can get a look at the whole picture.


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