ETS Drift Ute at WTAC

Today ticks off another milestone, after a whirlwind tour of NSW with both the 180SX and Hilux I’m back home and a lot more relaxed.

It started at 2am when we left Geelong, after just 2 hours sleep we took on the 11 hour drive up the Hume Hwy, I can’t thank my mum and dad enough for their help this weekend, they borrowed this enclosed trailer of a friend of theirs who races speedway and then did all the running around to get it to me and allow us to load the car midweek.

Massive thanks also goes to Greg and Jordan Shields, Greg was in my shed basically every night leading up to WTAC to help out with a lot of jobs on the ute and was pivotal in making a lot of things happen.

Many thanks to my sister Carmen who also came along, without her these pics wouldn’t be available.

After unloading it the reaction was amazing, i pretty much lost my voice answering questions and explaining to people the concept, Hiroki Furuse the Team Orange manager was blown away, he explained to me that he has been in the industry a long time, worked with SuperGT teams, F1 teams, works for the LM GT Nismo team in the UK and had a hand in building the worlds quickest cars but they sometimes forget about going back to basics and seeing this build sparked a new love for home grown race/ drift cars. He went on to say that all to often they get tied up with the latest materials like carbon etc and forget that true dedication, time and effort can also produce amazing things. He was very kind and we spent some time chatting about the build, such a nice guy with amazing knowledge, can someone please remind me of his name?

As the night approached it was time to get ready and warm the 180SX for the drift challenge, more on that in the next post.

  1. The truck looks awesome dude!

  2. Thanks for bringing it out Nigel, was a experience to be able to see it in person.

  3. big ups on the hilux and who has thath badass 370z

    • josh coote from MCA Suspension owns that

  4. Nigel. The team Orange guy you speak of is Hiroki Furuse but everyone knows him as “Sleepy”. He is actually the team manager and he is also runs the LM GT1 Nismo team out of England. And what you say is correct he was absolutely blown away by your ute!! Thanks for bringing your ute to WTAC for all the world to see!

  5. Looks awesome as usual. Do you have more info on the 370z?

  6. the 370z is mca suspensions project.


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