ETS Drift Ute – A well deserved update

Im sorry that things have been so quiet around here, last week i hit a wall, i didn’t feel too well, i still kept heading to the shed and trying to keep going but my heart wasn’t in it, i took a few nights off and waited to get back into it.

I kept looking at the two bars that had previously ran from the dash bar down to the tailshaft loop, i began to just hate the look of them, so out came the grinder and then a few hours later I’m much happier with the new tunnel.

Now it was time to sheet everything in, that wouldn’t be such a big job if it didn’t have to be removable. Above is where the oil catch tank will sit inside, and over the other side its the water/header tank, the entire trans tunnel sheet work will all be done like this aswell, it all has to be removable.

It requires a lot of time spent on doing plastic templates, then cutting the sheet, holesawing the corners, drilling all the holes, making the cover plate, bolting it on then tacking on the nuts. Yep its a heap of work but will be worth it in the end.

The jig that the chassis did sit on has made itself useful again, a quick call to Mitre 10 with a cutting a list and $68 later i had a nice solid bench to lay everything out nicely and off the ground.

I made up some air jack tubes and wrecked a 22mm hole saw in the process.

I wrote a massive list of “things to do” on the whiteboard and I’m starting with the ones that don’t require wads of cash. The handbrake was next on the list, i made this handle up a while ago so i just modded a few things. It has a nice return “spring” and rubber stop.

The 750mm long rod runs all the way through the cabin and into the 3/4 inline master on the rear firewall, the mounts just tacked on for now but will be welded soon. Ive never had an issue with inline “shared” handbrake/ rear brake setups and i love the ability to shut off the front brake with the handbrake and then use the handbrake to slow the rear wheels independently to the fronts.

So now its time to keep going with the sheet metal work, i would say its going to take me at least another week to get all that done. As always thanks for reading.