ETS Drift Ute – SR Heaven

I spent a few hours last saturday with the TIG switched on AC, i finished off my inlet plenum, welded up my rocker cover breathers and mounted up the new Plazmaman throttle body. I was never confident with AC welding but I’m getting the hang of it now, remember if its not a perfect weld then ill never be happy with it.

Massive thanks goes to Jacob from ANSU Performance these guys make a brilliant product and I’m so keen to test these injectors on the ute, the size is still up in the air according to what fuel i will run but these injectors are top shelf and a very good price.

I still have a few mods to do to the rocker cover but its starting to take shape.

  1. I assume thats a dummy cylinder head?

  2. nvm

  3. Can you explain the breathers design? its first time i see thing like this, and i own sr20, so i am thinking that if there is some reason, i also should do my like this 😉


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