ETS Drift Ute – Look at mah belly

Having rolled the chassis on its roof it was time to get stuck into the floor sections, i am happy to report that they are all done, take a look at the finished result.

About a year ago i redid the entire floor in this chassis, not happy with the original one i wanted to make my life easier when it came to jobs like flooring, well that day has come and i am glad i redid it. Each 3mm alloy panel is a neat fit in the 4mm recess and is drilled into the chassis and tapped M5, theres over 150 screws that hold all the floor sections in and it took me at least 3 hours to do the lot.

Once i swept up all the swarf it was time to roll it over and start the refit of everything.

Im really glad the floors done now!

  1. Seriously impressive work!! What do you think is the weight of the whole bare frame? I guess you’re able to roll it over completely on your own?

  2. Sweet ……. think I will have to take a vacation and fly to Australia just to shake your hand………..Keep up the great work.

  3. cant believe its almost done been watching it since the beginning nice work bro

  4. amazing work and engineering as usual.

    only thing that worries me is the curved section from the rear floor to foward subframe mount. im sure it’ll hold but a gusset or two would be good insurance.


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