ETS Trailer Build – Rolling Low

After spending a heap of time on the hilux lately i started to plan on getting it rolling, that couldn’t happen unless i got the trailer rolling and out of the way so i could swing the jig onto the hoist.

After a few late nights of solid MIG welding i started getting pretty excited with this build, the more i added the better it started to look, the suspension worked really well with the pan hard bar arrangement.

The wheels are used purely just to roll it out of the shed but i made the axles 2180mm long so that i could use 17×8.5 +15 rims

Now its rolling its time to finish everything off.

  1. Lookin good mate

  2. That last picture is so sexy with the 180 and the silvia in the back. Awesome work

  3. Amazing set up, do you have more pictures or specs on the axles??

  4. What do you have in mind for the trailer guards?

  5. Hey man been following this trailer build. awesome work! What hubs did you use? i was thinking of using s13 rear hubs and s13 front brakes on them.

  6. how are you doing the trailers air bags, running off the utes air system or a separate compressor system?
    as always it looks fantastic

  7. Hi. Loving everything about this build.. Just want a bit more info on how this suspension works.. i want an option to lower my boat trailer when im at an almost flat ramp. any info would be great.


  8. hey mate just wondering how you did the 2 pan hard rods?
    does the trailer move to the side when you raise and lower it?
    or does it have a watts link?

    cheers mate keep up the good work


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