ETS Trailer build – Its getting there

Building a trailer is a fairly big task, its not something that you just knock up in a day or two. A lot of steel, a lot of welding and a lot of time goes into it. Now everything is tacked together on mine i can spend a few hours finishing off the underside and flip it over to start work on the top.

I just have to add a pan hard bar on each axle, a few more under braces and finish of the drawbar, looking good so far though.

  1. i spent 5 months before and after work making my alum car trailer. lots of work but worth the effort to have a trailer that perfectly suits your needs.
    so i know exactly what you mean.

    • run a watts link so the axles dont offset into the guards when you lower it.

      • Its a 2 meter long pan hard bar so theres not much side to side movement with 6 inches of travel

  2. Eyeing this design with interest. Transporting low race cars is always a pain so always keen to see ideas of easier/lower trailers for loading.

    Loving the updates.

  3. What do you think it will weigh loaded?

  4. Nigel are you going to run shock absorbers? Air bagged caravans sometimes get that on going bouncing effect when driving


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