ETS Trailer Build – Frame Axles and Drawbar

Ive been putting a few hours into the trailer recently, at first i thought yea no worries ill build a new trailer and just do it in-between jobs, but in usual me fashion I’m racing through it, its coming along really well and I’m up to the point of designing the control arms for the suspension. Ill be using 50×50 box tubing to create 4 600mm long control A arms that incorporate the airbag into a cantilever type arrangement. Ive done cantilever air bag setup in the past on my hilux and it worked really well, it allows the airbag to be loaded up more which raises the pressure and improves the ride while also giving greater lift. Air bags ride the best when they are at half hight allowing a nice cushioned ride so thats what I’m aiming for.

I am running the draw bar inline with the chassis hight, once everything is in place the base will be strengthened with 20×50 rectangle tube to give that double wall strength while not adding a heap of weight / bulkiness.

  1. hey Nigel is the car lift in the background at maximum height in the top picture??

    Any chance of a measurement on the height of the bottoms of the arms :p

    Thanks heaps and see you soon!!

  2. the A bar needs to go under the main frame and be attached to the perimiter rails so it doesnt snap in halffrom where it is but weilded to the front end of the main frame. u should at a minimum in a light weight car trailer run a 75x 50, 3mm thick for the A bar i think.

    are u leaving the drop spindles as plate or reinforcing them so they dont bend. l

    looking mad by the way.


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