ETS Drift Ute – The weekly wrap!

You may have noticed that lately i mostly do a weekly update on the hilux build, i don’t really plan it this way it just seems to happen. All week i rush around and do as much as i can in the little amount of time i have, i never get sick of working on it and every little job is a personal challenge to push my knowledge and craftsmanship to the next level.

So this week i had few things i wanted to focus on, the first was to draw up some suspension clevises to produce my own suspension arms. These clevises mount to the factory knuckle and have a 5/8 UNF RH thread, all machined out of solid K1045 steel for the lightest and strongest arms. My local engineering firm knocked up 10 of them for me, these are something i might market and stock in the future, ill definitely never have to buy an overpriced crappy quality suspension arm again.

I finished the welding on the lower arms and still need to add a provision for the swaybar joint to mount to it but more on that later, its starting to look like a complete rear end with just a few welds to go before it will hold its own weight.

I have mounted my rear swaybar and tacked on the ends, i can’t wait to try these adjustable blades out.

Speaking of swaybars, i also mounted my front swaybar, i won’t be 100% sure on this location until the motor returns so i won’t fully weld it on till the next test fit of the motor.

I also finished of the welding on my front lower arms, i decided to gusset these up to make them super strong, I’ve learnt a lot about making arms lately and can’t wait to do it all over again on another project, theres just something about suspension arms that I’m in love with.

I always look forward to a TIG session like this, doing TIG work on a bench is so much more fun than twisting your body through some bars to get the right angle, i always clean my steel bench down, have a glass of water, relax then start welding. Believe me you can tell a relaxed weld from a rushed one.

A quick snap of my tube notcher on the floor of the “mess room” this is how much steel covers the floor and benches in only a couple of nights work, time for another clean up.