ETS Drift Ute – A day in the life

Any day where i get to spend the majority of it in the shed is a good day, i had a bit of clean up of the workshop and then got to work. I had planned to spend most of the day welding, the rear cradle was only really tacked up, the diff mount was only tacked and all the suspension mounts were also only tacked in position.

After removing the diff, suspension arms and driveshafts it was time to weld the new cradle, to give you an idea of the amount of time TIG welding takes i spent about an hour and a half welding this up.

After that it was time to weld up the swaybar, being chromoly i tried to keep the heat to a minimum, although its not super critical you shouldn’t heat it too much. I use MIG wire as filler rod when welding chromoly, apparently its got the right ingredients and is easier to get a smaller weld.

Then it was time to finalise the welding on the chassis, i finished off the diff mount and swaybar block mounts.

Then i finished the day off with the final welding on the suspension arms, I’m really happy with how everything came up and am just starting to get really comfortable on the TIG, yes its taken a while!