Shop Visit – Riverside Racing

Today i took a drive to Riverside Racing to visit liam and pick up some parts and knowledge for the ute, i took the camera along so you could check it out aswell.

Liams been fabricating this Manaro Sports Sedan chassis, out of all the cars in motorsport i liken my Hilux project to a Sports Sedan more than a Drift Car, the build quality of these cars is amazing and Liams doing a great job on this.

Its great to view these cars in the build to see the chassis and mounting points of suspension etc.

The chassis design was really well thought out and Liam indicated that its taken years of experience to get the design that works for them, he also explained that chassis stiffness is sometimes a lot more important than weight.

Pure Aluminium art!

This is Liams car, an SR20 powered Excel.

Theres very little Excel so you can’t really call it that, it was great to have a detailed look at it.

One thing i wanted to look at was the PS set up, I’m also deleting my water pump so i want to run the PS pump in the water pump position, Liams done this and it looks good, saves a lot of space which i don’t have.

Theres lots of ideas here, a lot of gear was second hand of various other race cars, you would be surprised at the items available to everyone once race teams replace items at the end of their seasons.

Theres an R200 back there and a tailshaft driven alternator, i wanted to run mine off the diff aswell but we do too much waiting around on the start line.

Ill leave you with this image, thanks to Liam and Riverside Racing for the tour!

  1. awsome shot on the front end. that steering setup gives me a few ideas.

    really interesting pics as well. thanks

  2. Automotive engineered porn right there! bring on the lux!

  3. Porn but all part of build a quick car sometime


  4. Wow, that SR is really offeset opppsite the driver. That must be great for weight dist. How does that work with the rear end? If it’s un-equal length axles, are there any problems with power delivery? Bump steer?

  5. Phew…thought u changed ur mind and decided to run an V8 in the ute lookin at the opening shot lol! =P Anyway, Sports Sedans rocks! Build one after the Lux aye? =D


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