Garage Shoot

I spent last night doing a photo shoot in the garage, you will have to wait for the finished product but heres a quick snap before i packed up for the night. Thanks to Deborah, Matty, Justin and the lovely Kelly Jane. Hope you guys thawed out on the way back to melbourne.

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  1. Hey Nigel, loveing the blog so far keep it up, just wondering whats the wheel specs on the rear of your s13?

  2. Car isnt looking as low as usual?

    • That cause it’s up on a hoist.. haha

  3. mate your work is so inspirering, im curretly gathering a few of the tools to start a project, how did you go about starting out drifting and going about getting a drift car? cheers mate keep up to sweet work.

    • Cheers mate, it dosnt happen overnight, what you see is 10 years of learning, hard work and dedication. If you want it badly enough then you just have to build it!


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