ETS Drift Ute – The components

In this post i am going to explain a little of whats in my head regarding the components that i will be running in the ute.

In the corner of my garage lies this S13, I built this car in 2007, in that time i have learnt a lot about what works and what dosnt, theres a few reasons why it dosnt get driven, mainly because the tune in the car is not “Thrashable” and the rego has expired. I am waiting for 2014 when i can get the car “classic registration”, this will enable me to drive it in a modified but safe state around the streets and to car events. The motor in the car was built in WA and comprises of the following.

TOMEI Rocker arm Stoppers
TRUST Inl 264, EX 272 11.5mm lift Cams
GREDDY Valve springs
HKS 1.2mm Head gasket
ARP head stud kit
Nismo low temp thermostat
CP 86.5mm Forged pistons (9.0 Comp ratio) Ceramic and Teflon coated
EAGLE Forged H beam Rods
Rebuilt Head
Trust sump
Billet under drive pulley set
Low mounted PS and alternator mechanisms

So as you can see its a bit of a waste sitting in the garage and not being driven, so heres what i propose.

I am going to pull this motor out of the S13, pull everything down so its just a bare long motor, refit it with everything for the Hilux including manifolds, turbo, oil system, emulate the exact same fuel system and rewire the car to use a Racepak dash and Haltech ECU. Once all of that is done it will all go into the S13 and then tuned. All while the Hilux is still in the garage being finished off.

What this will allow me to do is have a complete tested and tuned driveline to drop straight into the Hilux when the time is right, allowing me to then tune the handling without the worry of also tuning the engine.

Then when the times right i will slowly build up another manifold set, and ancilleries for the S13, by then 2014 will be just around the corner and it will be time to drive it again.

Thanks to Nathan at HiOctane Direct and the guys at Racepak and Haltech for their help in selecting the best possible ECU and dash for my needs.

  1. makes perfect sense to me!

  2. You know what would be cool, if you built up an N/A SR20 with ITBs to chuck into the S13 once the tuned DET is finished and put back into the ute, turn it into a roaring touge car.

    • That would be cool, L24 with carbs?

      • NA VQ35 so it has some guts.

      • Yea dude! L24 with 50mm Mikuni-Solex carbs would be the most awesome swop into an S13!! I would totally do that…

  3. hey nigel. is that a titlon pedal box. im looking at one for my hilux build atm. how much room do u need for master cylinder mate?

    • I got 75mm short series masters, check the tilton page there is a full engineers PDF drawering with dimensions

  4. You are a genius wish I was living closer to you than way on the other side of the world in Trinidad and Tobago. Looking forward to the completion of the ute. Btw do you do custom work for foreigners like myself?

    • Thanks for the comments, i don’t really do any work for others, i would like to but its hard to fit it all in with a normal day job aswell.

  5. What size tube do you use for your radiator pipes nigel?

  6. i want that silvia so bad! like i would do unspeakable things for it haha, one day….

  7. G’day Nigel, what does the “classic registration” actually mean. like what ae the perks. Just curious now haha.

  8. what are the lines coming off the top of the valve cover ?


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