ETS Drift Ute – Rad in the rear

Ive been busy making this radiator fit into a neat surround thats removable, light and allows a decent airflow.

I have decided to run a side exit exhaust just in front of the drivers side rear wheel, this allowed the ducting and floor to be 1 piece rather than running the pipe through it.

I will have to block off these pipe fittings and run them out the top, then ill make some air deflectors to scoop the air up and into the radiator.

  1. very nice mate should work well and wat do u think about tyre smoke and rubber would it be possible for it to get stuck in radiator? i thought u would have put it directly behind cabin if possible and that also would eliminate the possibility of all your beuatifull work being smashed aswell if that shall ever happen 🙂 keep up the progress and every changing hilux

  2. Looking great nige, love following this build, I get a little excited every time i see you have done something new 🙂 just to touch base what the above comment by Tom regarding the radiator becoming blocked with dust, rubber etc maybe a switch to reverse the thermo fan to blow the rubber, dust etc from the radiator would fix this, or a pneumatic fan similar to that in a bob cat? I’m sure you have though about this already though!! Keep it up champ!!

  3. Why not turn the radiator the other way round?

    • Because i want to run the inlet and outlet in different locations so ill cut those off and weld them up, would look ugly on the top.

  4. why not flip the rad and remount the rails? seems like less critical welding than plugging 2 holes, yeah?

    • I have to plug them anyway so id rather have them hidden

  5. I am not sure the word “ugly” would really matter here.
    Lots of Baja truck/ Trophy trucks run the radiators on the rear kickers.
    They are protected, they get plenty of air, and don’t get damaged due to tires kicking up dirt/ rocks.


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