ETS Drift Ute – Swaybar chat

Ive been putting some thought into swaybars lately and wanted to try an adjustable blade type setup, this whole ute build has been a massive learning curve and as soon as i come to a point where i need to add something i try and do it to the best of my ability. I was going to make the blades but they are heat treated chrome moly and if you don’t get the entire process right they will just snap.

It was good to visit Riverside Racing and get an idea on how these work. Without going into too much detail you can tune the swaybar by turning the blade to a different angle, its all going to be trial and error but at least I’m working with parts that work in other cars. So thats next weeks job, new chrome moly lower control arms front and rear aswell as swaybar mounts on the chassis.

  1. Do these run a Torsion bar rather than an actuall sway bar?
    as in its just a bar with two splines which the blades go onto?


  2. Those blades are great!
    @Hachi Tom, when the blades are vertical, they’re in the stiffest position. When the flat part sits parallel to the ground, they are set on the softest setting.
    Great choice Nigel.


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