ETS Drift Ute – Removable doors

I spent a few hours working on the hiluxs doors tonight, with so many other jobs to do i kind of just take a break and start on another aspect of the build. My plan for the doors were to make them as light as possible, perspex windows and removable hinges so i can load it on the trailer, pop the doors off and get out. Heres what i came up with….

After modifying the hinges to allow the doors to simply lift off (i just cut the pin in half and removed some surrounding steel) i needed to remove some more weight from the doors, i had already cut the intrusions out but they were still really heavy, after a bit more cutting they are nice and light. The joy of working with a hilux is that the outer sheet metal is fairly thick and strong.

The next step is to make the templates for the windows, then move onto the next aspect of the build.