D1NZ – Saturday Practice


D1NZ runs over two days and the first is the practice for the D1NZ Pros. I had been looking forward to this day for a long time and a lot was riding on how it panned out. After the first lap it was apparent i was driving a car that was well built and from then on i just had fun in it. Hampton Downs is a fun track, its smooth, well laid out and host to one of the biggest finals in D1NZ history. I leave for the track in 15 minutes, Matt and Jason have scolloped out the lower control arms on the S14 to give me a little more lock which should make my laps more reliable. Updates tonight on how it all went down, thanks to my sister for the pic!

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  1. Mean driving yesterday bro! Shud bring your ute over next time when its finished 😉 lol


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