KTM Cafe – Quick look

A quick look at my KTM, its slowly getting there, tank is all finished and the tail just needs a buff and its done aswell. Before i ride it ill have to make some rear sets as the seating position is a fair far back compared to dirt bike spec. Loving the feel of the bike now and ill get a full build update next week.

  1. I revoke my previous statement about the proportions. with the light and clip-ons mounted it looks much better. i love this.

  2. Your livin the life man, your blog is way sick i’ve gone through almost every page. I’m just intrested how you even got into this life style and the money to start out on this?

    • Thanks, i have a normal job but i work so hard at everything i do, you can save a lot of money doing everything yourself!

  3. Yo Nigel, already dropped you a comment but wanted to see if you had come across Roland Sand’s KTM-cafe conversion before?


    I am so bummed I sold my KTM last year!! Cheers.


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