KTM Cafe – Moving along

Tonight my KTM took more shape, more sheet metal work, some TIG welding and a lot of stencils and cutting. Read on for more details.


I started work on the seat and the tail section, the battery is held in the tail and the top removes off the base for easy access to the fuses and battery.

The steel radiator shrouds are now shaped and now i just have to finish welding the tank and filling the fork scollops and its ready for sealing and painting. You can see the clip ons just sitting in position, they are 53mm ducati type ones and are very well made. The forks are at Chads Off Road Suspension getting a revalve and shorter springs. Hopefully next weekend i can fill her with fuel and go for a spin!

  1. nice work there.

  2. daamn, awesome work ! 🙂

  3. How do you get so much time building projects like this? I envy you mate. well done !


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