ETS Hilux – Rear Firewall

The rear firwall in my hilux chassis is now all tacked in, im really happy with how it looks and now i just have to wait for a gearbox and a few other things to keep the build moving along. I dont like the fact that all the expensive items are now needed to get this finished. Must sell something to keep the progress happening, an S15 will be on the market so ill post it up here when i get some pics.

  1. As much as I admire your work and craftsmanship, I also admire your mentality. Don’t spend it if you don’t got it! it’s way too easy to get really deep into debt, really quickly…

  2. YES! Can’t wait to see this 15!

  3. why dont you pull parts out of your S13? by the looks of it its roughly the same setup as youll be using in this (if im not mistaken :))

  4. he does make a very good point.


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