ETS Drift Ute – A weekend well spent

With the engine bay now taking shape it was time to put the motor back in and start thinking about where everything will run, with my TD06 only days away I cant wait to start designing the plumbing and cooling side of things. Read on for more..

I added the X braces in the inner fenders to help me sheet the area in, with a complex 3 dimensional shape i needed it split into 4 so i can easily sheet it in. I polished the entire chassis with a scourer pad and Gumption paste to remove the hint of surface rust that had formed, ill do a seperate post on this soon.

The BRAE manifold is a perfect fit,  looking forward to bolting the turbo on and seeing how everything else will fit. On the subject of BRAE congratulations must go out to Brenton on the birth of their son.

  1. like a surgeon.

  2. dude nice job!


  3. I’m going to be quite honest… every time I see the progress on this project.. I both get inspired and jealous. Beautiful work there..

  4. Nigel,

    I know this is unrelated but what comments do you have when it comes to comparing Brae manifolds VS 6boost items?

    (Looking to buy SR20 high mount, t3 with ex. gate)

    • Im not familiar enough with 6 boost products to tell you, BRAE fabrications is a small family business that puts a lot back into the drifting scene, for that reason alone id always go with them, not to mention the quality and service!

  5. Check out the lineup of tyres!

    Planning ahead for when this hits the track I see 😉

  6. Thanks Mate,

    Progress is looking really good! You have been pretty busy spreading the work load across all the projects. Keep it up.

  7. Looking good!


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