2 Wheel Teaser

This last week I have been busy in the shed turning my motocross bike into something a little more handsome, ill do a full post tonight in detail but for now heres the teaser.

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  1. as if you needed a side project?

    cafe racer-ish styling… i like it

  2. CR450F based cafe racer?

  3. dont know if you’ve heard of a guy who built a motorbike from scratch in new zealand-John Britten http://www.britten.co.nz just an amazing guy who died way before his time, think it was cancer caused by all the fibreglass work he did (dad is a massive fan) his bike still holds heaps of lap records around the world-he basically built every part of his bike except the battery! (the only component that failed at daytona when he raced it) worth a look anyway, your bike just kinda reminded me of it, keep up the good work though looks awesome, drift bike? 😛

  4. Damn Nigel, I don’t know what to say anymore, you’ve got the midas touch for sure.

  5. Mate looking great – can’t wait to see the full update!

  6. Cant wait!


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