180SX – Inside story

With the new tunnel, RB25 gearbox, new battery, new ecu mount, washed seats and repainted floor the interior went back together just like it should. I made a new shifter to see how it goes but i may make a few to try some different angles, let me know if you have an RB25 shifter laying around i can buy.

  1. 180 looks and sounds great in your video Nigel!

  2. Hey great site, great builds, just everything about engineered to slide is awesome! mad props to you haha.

    Just wanted to ask you what brand of Hydraulic E brake are you using? I really like how you have it in the center console. I’ve been thinking about running one but didn’t know where to place it until I saw this picture. Also how are you running the lines? Are you just running lines to and from the master cylinder for the rear wheels or do you have a separate cylinder just for the rears. Lastly, I’m thinking that my stock s14 rear calipers are sufficient to lock up the rear, just replacing the pads for some more aggressive ones.

    Thanks for all the awesome builds

    And fyi I know not too many comment on the site but let me tell you a lot of people know about you lol

    • Thanks Mark, i made the hydro myself, its a pretty simple one that works well, i got two lines made up that run from the stock rear brake port in the master cylinder to the hydro master, out of the hydro master back through into the engine bay then into the rear brake line. Its a bit of extra plumbing but dosnt effect rear braking at all, stock S14 brakes will work great with a hydro, thanks for the comments. Nigel


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