Welcome 2012

After calling a campervan home for 2 weeks im back to the daily grind, 2 weeks off was so refreshing and it was exactly what i needed, with so much going on it was good to sit back and clarify what i needed to get done in 2012, its shaping up to be a great year, so whats planned? Read on..

One year on the hilux has gone from dream to reality and now this year is its time to shine, 2012 will be the year it gets completed and driven, the hard bit will be the $$ needed to complete the project with many expensive items being needed to finish it, these being a complete radiator and intercooler custom made, adjustable rear multilink arms, the motor will be built from a normal S13 item with a Haltech ECU, custom race loom and Racepak dash unit. From there i need to choose some wheels, build a two way diff, buy a clutch get brakelines made up, then test everything out, its going to be a real stretch but by this time next year i want it to be a proven performer.


Plans for the 180SX are fairly straight forward, continue along with the “if it aint broke dont fix it” mantra, the next few weeks will see the car stripped, neatened up, new gearbox and diff and a look over the wiring to fix a few issues then its back to the track for all the ADGP rounds, VicDrift rounds and all the  special appearances and demos in between.


The S13 is now a permanent resident of my shed, there are no real short term plans for this car, its going to stay like this for the next few years, when its eligible for club permit registration in 2014 ill be looking at redoing a few small things to make it more fun to drive.

To add to this ill be heading back over to NZ for the final round of D1NZ at Hampton Downs, it was a great honour to head over last year and meet some of the drivers and crew so im really looking forward to doing it all again.



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  1. Sounds like a good plan dude, Look forward to 2012 and all it has to offer.

  2. your s13 is perfect

  3. Doin great Nigel! Keep up the amazing work, aspire to have what you’ve got one day 🙂

  4. good luck with everything mate really look forward to reading more as your year goes on, keep up the good work bro

  5. 2013, the year of the ETS S15 maybe? Can’t wait to see the ute finished up, are you planning to come to WTAC again dude?


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