ETS Drift Ute – Sand Bog Sand

Over the last couple of days I have come very close to giving up on the rear quarters of the Hilux, i decided to just keep going on them and try and get them to a point where i am happy with how they look. The rear quarters are my priority at the moment as the entire rear floor section cant be made unless these are hanging on the chassis. I think another couple of nights work should see them almost finished.

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  1. It’s looking good though. I can’t wait to see this finished. Good luck Nigel

  2. much better Nig 😉 try different things!

  3. Alot better than attempt 1 this is more what i invisioned!!

  4. Do a post on your downhill/dirt jumper bike!

  5. keep going Nigel! this ute is an inspiration to thousands!!


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