ETS 180SX – Tunnel Vision

When i took the gearbox out i had a really hard time removing it, a Z32 box is a lot bulkier than an SR box and all the other times i have had the motor out of the car so it didn’t really bother me. Before i put it back in ill make a new sheet metal tunnel so its a simple one man job to remove and refit the gearbox.

  1. whats the ruling with this? does floor pan/ tunnel mods need to be done in a certain thickness material? or just same as stock?

    looks the goods!

  2. is it bulkier around the bellhouse, and that why your making more clearance with a new tunnel?

  3. Really keen to see how you go about this, as I need to do the same for my BMW project!

  4. I’ve been planning on the same thing even for the SR box. Add a bit of room at the top of the bellhousing to make swaps less of a PITA.

    I think a goo way is to get a chop of a 300zx transmission tunnel from a junk yard car and then splice into the S13 for a nice OEM solution and to save fabrication time.


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