180SX – Reworks

At the last round of the Vicdrift season my 180SX had a few electrical problems, over the break I decided that I wouldnt spend days trying analyse faults with the wiring that was in it, i would instead rip it all out and start from scratch, yesterday was the first chance i got to pull the dash out and have a look. Read on..

With the dash out I found my problem in an instant, before the last round my clutch pedal bracket was flexing fairly badly so i removed it, reinforced it and refitted it to the car, since then ive been  having issues on right hand corners with what seems to be a lack of spark, sure enough one of the nuts on top of the clutch pedal bracketry was used for a series of earths and was missing, a five minute fix and now its ready to go again.



Behind the dash lies a slimmer version of the factory loom, everything that was in the engine bay is now in behind the dash, im not happy with it but its been faultless up until now. Ive decided to leave it as is and continue to concentrate on driving.

Between the spark drop and this manifold gasket leak the car was a struggle to drive, ill be removing the BRAE manifold and welding the TD06 exhaust housing onto it to prevent this happening again.

One of the best additions to the 2011 season was the help from Brenton at BRAE Auto Fabrication,  the steampipe manifold gave the car more power, response and solved all my cracking issues with the Trust stainless manifolds.



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  1. Nige your shed is sick! You should do a post focusing on the shed, sure everyone would love that 🙂

    Need some motivation to build mine hah

  2. aaaaaaaaaaah wireing, worst thing about modding cars, hate it with a passion

  3. i so wish you were closer to my side of the earth so we could hang out and talk cars. i would love to work with you. your drift ute is so boss!! im gonna do something similar probably early 2013 but using an aw11 shell.

  4. Have you tried machining the turbine housing and manifold nice and flat and running without a gasket?

    Might be a better option than welding them…


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