180SX – Off season prep

With all the small fix up jobs in the engine bay and wiring completed its time to remove the diff, gearbox and take a look over all the rear end to make sure 2012 is as consistent as 2011 was.

  1. holy s**t! you are so prepared lol a few spare bumpers and panels. a tyre shop’s worth of spare rims and tyres and if you really got stuck the s13 as a spare drift car lol

    we need guys like this running the country!

  2. I have been obsessed with this website since finding it 6 months ago…

    Your skills are incredible.

    My question is how big is your shed? length? width? and height to the gutters? do you have enough room for the hoist and the s13 to walk underneath it?


    PS looking forward to seeing the ETS ute in action!

    • Cheers for the comments mate, the shed is 12mx7mx2.4m and its a really good size, never big enough but a good size.


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