The Garage – Building Storage

Now that the frame on the machine shop was done it was time to put a roof on it, for even more storage room i made a 1200mm wide top shelf to run between the new room and the tyre rack, read on for more.

Before i head off to work in the morning i spend 15 minites planning out what i need for supplies to do what i need to get done that night. Morning smoko at work is spent phoning through my daily order to metaland and the local timber place. My good friends Greg and Jords were able to help me out here as they know a thing or two when it comes to woodwork. 16 sheets of MDF, 5 boxs of wingtek screws, 4 tubes of colour flex sealant and another 2 lengths of 50×50 Galv Tube and we were ready to go.

When you think about the storage area gained from having another level it makes a big difference to the floor space. Tonight we will line the walls of the machine room fit the window and door, then i still have to build my work benchs, weld bench and toolboxs.