ETS Drift Ute – Engine Mounts

I have finalized the engine mounts, I think this is the 6th different set I have made, the idea was to have the motor easily removable by 4 bolts and replaced just as easy. I needed them to bolt into the chassis to allow a different motor to be fitted if it had to, rubber insulated bushes will save the harshness aswell.

  1. Your suck a freak I love it.. much respect

  2. ETS Drift Ute > Sex.

    • Thats a bit much

      but its a close 2nd!

      • Opinions. 🙂

  3. You are a true baller!!

  4. Not concerned you’ll have issues using such light gauge material.?

    • Looks like 2.5-3mm plate, should be plenty strong.
      Only part I’m not so keen on is the bolts only on the outside/top of the chassis mount. I can’t see much holding it down on the inside edge.
      Maybe if the plate was held under a groove or something to locate it as well as hold it down and just the 4 bolts to lock it down and in.

      I suppose the angle of the mount stops it from lifting really, the motor would have to shift quite a way to apply any upwards force and bend the chassis mount plate.

      Cool as…

  5. This is one of the coolest yokes on the internet atm. But was wandering what is Toyota apart from the doors and badge? should she not be runnin a jz motor?


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