ETS Drift Ute – Camber Time

One of the bigger issues with this build was the rear coilover position, in the end the factory S15 camber arm was ditched leaving me to redisign a new arm layout, to see how it went read on.

The factory camber setup on an S15 had to be moved out of the way so first I cut the factory tabs off and then welded my new tabs on.

Thanks to Ritchie for bending his JIC camber arms at Ebisu, I grabbed them of him and cut them up using the threaded section and the U section. I only have 2 dies so I just “Lobster Back” bent them.

It just wouldnt be right to load the subframe back into the chassis without making full tubular adjustable arms for Traction, Toe and LCA so thats on my ToDo list for next week.


What else is going on? Well I have remade the engine and gearbox mounts (its like the 6th time now) to sit the motor lower and a little further forward to help fit the plenum around the barwork, I have redrilled the seat mounts to get a little more “layback” on them, im starting to look around for a decent radiator and intercooler setup to run.


  1. I ve got some massive and compact rads that would be mint in the tray and remove heat from bay 🙂

  2. radiator setup behind the cab? less crash damage. on the downside, lots of plumbing, less natural airflow.

  3. V-MOUNT!!

  4. do it garage miniz style and put the rad in the tray. would be sick


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